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Timeslot planning




How can I book timeslots?

By taking the following actions:

  1. Go to ADPO’s portal environment by clicking this link
  2. First time you need to create a user by clicking ‘Register’ in the bottom left corner and fill out your personal info. You’ll get an activation e-mail.
  3. Sign in with your e-mail address and password
  4. In the portal environment, click on the tile ‘Slot Booking – Book your timeslot’
  5. Follow the steps in the app

What is the ‘customer reference’?

In the first screen you’ll see the message ‘Please provide your customer reference’.

Your customer reference is the order reference of the customer (= product owner) that wants his goods to be (un)loaded.

Reference number not known? Please contact your customer (= product owner) to receive the correct reference number.

How come the timeslot that I want is not available anymore?

ADPO’s timeslot planning tool is designed to take in account the following restrictions:

  • Working days: public holidays (or the Monday after a public holiday during the weekend) and weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) are not available
  • Reached deadline: when it’s today past noon (12:00 PM), it’s not possible anymore to book for tomorrow
  • Capacity limit: a maximum number of slots can be handled by the available resources
  • Physically blocked: when a timeslot is already booked on a tank, tank(s) next to them are also not available at the same time
  • Unavailable resources: resources can be unavailable at the time of your desired timeslot (e.g.: a tank is blocked for maintenance)
  • Customs requirements: for some destination countries (e.g.: Turkey), timeslots (late) in the afternoon become unavailable

If any of above restrictions are applicable, you’ll see the message: “No timeslots are available for this moment, Please contact ADPO directly”

To whom the confirmation e-mail is sent and what does it contain?

A summary of your booking will be e-mailed. It will also include a QR code that a driver can user to self-register at the kiosks at time of (un)loading.

The e-mail is sent:

  • E-mail address you have entered
  • Customer (product owner) contact (if master data maintained by ADPO)

Can I book timeslots for all kinds of orders?

Currently, we support timeslot bookings for:

  • Bulk orders (load and unload from tank)
  • Packed orders (load and unload packaged product, e.g.: drums, IBC’s,…)

What will follow later:

  • Multiple orders in one truck (‘milk rounds’)
  • Blending orders
  • Container drop-offs and lift-ons

In any of these cases you can contact ADPO directly.

What are my liabilities?

You can only book a timeslot for the order authorized for by the customer (product owner).

You are held responsible for handling the correct order.
You are held responsible for complying to the terms & conditions that are shown in the app and included in the confirmation e-mail.

Non-compliance may lead to legal actions.

Can I book timeslots for all ADPO group locations?

Yes, we support timeslot bookings for:

  • ADPO (HQ), Haven 1111, Steenlandlaan 3, 9130 Kallo
  • Liefkenshoek Logistic Hub NV (LLH), Haven 1931, Geslecht, 9130 Beveren
  • ADPO Logistic Park, Haven 1280, Steentijdstraat, 9130 Verrebroek

How can I contact ADPO directly?

If you still have any questions or remarks, you can contact ADPO directly:


How can I report a technical issue?

Did you try to log off and log in again?
If yes and issue still persists, please contact ADPO directly via: MAIL_TIMESLOT_ISSUE

Please include:

  • customer reference
  • desired date & time
  • issue you notice (ideally with screenshot).
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