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Complementary to our terminal services we offer full transport services for as well liquid as packed cargo. Transport is centrally planned and managed which results in a single order entry and a transport service free from demmurrage.

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Key figures
50 trucks

Running on LNG or dual fuel

120 isotanks

For the storage and transport of our customer's cargo

Liquid transport

Via our liquid bulk transport company AFC NV we offer with 50 own trucks, 150 AFCU iso tanks and more than 30 fixed charters transport services for iso tanks and box containers. Our strength lies in the fact that we offer these transport services in combination with our terminal operations such as tank storage, warehousing, filling and container storage. Complementary we also offer transport management services for intermodal, short- and deep sea shipping. At last we can also organize your full customs and import/export freight forwarding services.

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Packed transport

Via our packed transport company ACC NV we offer with own trucks, 100 chassis and a large fleet of fixed charters the transport of full and partial cargo loads mainly related to the ADPO warehouse operations and this over the European hinterland. ACC also organizes sea- and airfreight forwarding services for its packed transport customers for as well import and export transactions.

Packed transport

Sustainable transport fleet

Because we have a Total Energies LNG/CNG fuel station on site we operate a very green transport fleet of dual fuel trucks that run on diesel and LNG or 100% LNG trucks.

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