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Succesfull launch of the self-registration for truck drivers

From Monday 14 March all truck drivers are digital announced via self-registration consoles.

After receipt of the time slot request via timeslots.bulk@adpo.com the driver will get a unique QR code which is required for the self-registration. This can be done by either entering the unique code in the console or scan the QR code (digital / hard copy).

Furthermore, the driver will be asked to scan all necessary (un)loading documents. This will result in the fact that the documents will become digitally available. Eventual missed time slots will also be reported to the customer via an automated message. The driver will be informed (mobile phone) when the documents for operation are ready at the counter.

We look forward to implement this automated registration platform and we are happy to receive any feedback from our customers and the hauliers so we can improve the process wherever possible.