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Our history

Hereby a selection of some milestones that were important in our 34 year history.

ADPO 1988


Our birthday

Antwerp Distribution and Product Operations (ADPO) was founded in 1988 as a Belgian, private and family managed company. ADPO has its roots and legacy in Port Of Antwerp via its parent companies the 'Graanhandel Natie' and the 'Cuba Natie'. These typical Antwerp 'Natie' companies were founded in the early twentieth century and were specialized in the storage and handling of grain (Graanhandel Natie) and wood (Cuba Natie). On the left bank of the river Scheldt in the Port of Antwerp an integrated chemical distribution complex of 15 ha was constructed. ADPO was the first Logistic Service Provider that combined all aspects of physical distribution for liquid bulk products on one site.

ADPO 1994


Jetty connection for ship operations

At the same time we build our first 1.000m³ storage tanks we also constructed a deepwater jetty for the receipt of our first seagoing vessel.

AFC 0001


Start of transport company AFC

in 1999, AFC (ADPO transport division ) was established in order to offer our customers the full supply chain concept. Our liquid bulk transport company is specialized in the dock transport of ISO tanks between the Antwerp Port area and the ADPO storage tanks and ADPO Terminals.

ADPO 2001


Inauguration of the C-Terminal

ADPO expanded its existing Terminal infrastructure with 10 ha and constructs a tailor made and highly automated tank terminal connected to a 330m long deepwater jetty with 2 positions for seagoing vessels and 2 positions for coasters and barges. In that time this expansion was build for one customer but actually this C-Terminal is a multi-customer terminal with full road, rail and sea access.

LLH 2014


Inauguration of Liefkenshoek Logistics Hub (LLH NV)

In Doel we construct a new Terminal LLH that is designed after the example of ADPO but also specialised in the tolling, blending and processing of typical products for the automotive and aviation sector. LLH is full road, rail and sea accessible and special equipped for the handling of block trains. LLH is also pipeline connected with two major principals in the chemical industry.

11012022 ADPO P 0058


Start of transport company ACC

After the success of AFC and on request of many customers we also start with the transport of packed cargo such as drums and IBCs in FTL and LCL, road transport and intermodal.

11012022 ADPO P 0042


Water access for ISO and BOX containers

From 2020 onwards ADPO is also water accessible by barge for the (re)delivery of ISO tanks and BOX containers. An enormous success because in the first year operational we kept 10.000 container transports from the Belgian road network.

201118 Colas Verrebroek Drone afwerking 1


Inauguration of warehouse ALP (ADPO Logistic Park)

ADPO opens in Verrebroek a 23.000m² large warehouse ALP with compartments of 2.000m² and 3.500m² for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. This warehouse is equipped with the latest WMS and bar coding technology and CO2 fire fighting equipment.

IMG 7909


Brand new and fully automated drum- and IBC filling station

An investment of 6 mio € in a state-of-the-art emission free drum-and IBC filling station, fully automated and equipped with a robot label printer.

11012022 ADPO P 0155


Transformation of our Customer Service Departments

ADPO transforms its Customer Service Dispatches from a former department based organisation to a customer oriented organisation. This enables that our Customers have a dedicated Account Manager who ensures, together with a dedicated back office and central planning, an umbrella managed and tailor made customer service. This transformation involves a huge automation and digitization exercise which is still in full process.

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