Quality, Safety & Evironment


ADPO undertakes to manage its businesses and facilities with a view to the protection of the environment, the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and the community. We try to minimise the impact on man and the environment as much as possible during operations, storage and all related services. A sustained effort to optimise safety, health, quality and environmental aspects is the driving force behind our company. We aim at continuous progress and improvement through predefined and measurable objectives. ADPO's ultimate goal is to convince management and employees that this policy has to be the underlying principle of all our actions and operations. An open dialogue with all parties involved is of paramount importance. Economic benefit does not take precedence over safety, health and the environment.


Quality is vital to our future. The quality assurance system ISO 9001: 2008 is implemented and certified throughout the whole organisation to ensure high-quality services and an excellent working environment. The active and proactive management and updating of our quality system is our day-to-day concern.


All services and operations of the various business units are constantly monitored by internal and external safety specialists. Information, training and observation of all employees and contractors are essential for an adequate safety policy. "Prevention is better than cure" is our motto. We obtained the SQAS attestation for terminalling, cleaning and road haulage.


To comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards, both sites have their own physicochemical and biological water treatment plants. Waste and wastewater are limited to a strict minimum and we will try to reuse it as much as possible. Furthermore, our goal is to prevent odour and noise pollution. We therefore promote direct communication and an open relationship with our neighbours and the government. ISO14001:2004 certificate holder.